Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.
Carl Sagan
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The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself. So lets explore the world drifting from one world of dreams into another.....
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Are we alone? This question is as old as humankind itself. For millennia, people have turned their eyes to the stars and wondered if there are others like themselves out there.
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“The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
― Carl Sagan
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Digital cameras changed photography, and now smartphones are changing digital cameras. There’s never been more interesting ways to take a picture or record a video than nowadays.
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Mazaliens Blog
Tuesday, July 07, 2020 mazalien Culture , Literature No comments

‘A masterpiece. Gene Wolfe is a wizard, a torturer, frightening, delightful. Beware! This is magic stuff!’

Ursula K. Le Guin

A work that subverts, elevates and transcends its genre, this exclusive edition of Gene Wolfe’s epic features a powerful new introduction by Neil Gaiman as well as striking binding designs, decorative initials and haunting illustrations by Sam Weber. Sadly, Gene Wolfe died on 14 April so will not see the final publication. Shortly before his death, he signed the limitation labels for each of the 750 hand-numbered copies. These have also been signed by Neil Gaiman and Sam Weber.

The Book of the New Sun | A limited edition from The Folio Society
The Folio Society promotion Video

View also the Pontus Review:

Sam Weber on illustrating the Folio limited edition of The Book of the New Sun:

Gene Wolfe was an American science fiction and fantasy writer. He was noted for his dense, allusive prose as well as the strong influence of his Catholic faith, to which he converted after marrying a Catholic. He was a prolific short story writer and a novelist, and has won many awards in the field.

I am the proud owner of this beautiful set. I own limeted edition copy number 644.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 mazalien Culture , Indonesia , Java , Travel No comments

The cycle rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport; it is also known by a variety of other names such as bike taxi, velotaxi, pedicab, bikecab, cyclo, beca, becak, trisikad, or trishaw.

Becak in Indonesia
Becak in Indonesia

If you visited Java, especially to city like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, or Jogjakarta, you might find a unique transportation : a carriage with three wheels which been paddled by a men who sit on the back seat. It is called Becak / Beca, a very well-known traditional transportation in Indonesia. The becak is the Indonesian incarnation of the ubiquitous pedicab, or cycle-rickshaw, found everywhere from. But it is Indonesia, and especially Java, that is the true heartland of the pedicab. The becak is as much a motif and symbol of Indonesia as the silhouette of a wayang kulit puppet, or the smell of a clove cigarette. The becak, a three-wheeled pedal-powered bike with a passenger seat, is the descendant of the original hand-pulled rickshaws that originated in Japan in the 19th Century. The design and style varies from city to city, but in Indonesia the passenger sits up front, with an uninterrupted view of the busy streets. Despite the best efforts of municipal government’s becak still provide transport and employment for millions of people across Indonesia. There are hundreds of thousands of becaks in Indonesia, but this was not always the case, and despite their timeless image, they are actually a relatively recent addition to the urban landscape. Before the Second World War becak were virtually unknown. There had been tricycles used for transporting goods for many years, but it was only in 1936 that the first passenger-carrying becak hit the streets of Jakarta. The Dutch authorities took an immediate dislike to the new invention, worrying about safety and congestion, and setting the tone for government attitude to becaks until now. They might have acted to stamp them out altogether, but History intervened.

View Becak Gallery:

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