Six Thinking Hats wriiten by Edward de Bono….

Edward de Bono
Edward de Bono
And yet most people, convinced they are competent at thinking make no effort to improve. I had to think much past weekend but I did not succeeded in choosing the right color of the hat. And here Edward de Bono, the celebrated lateral thinker whose ideas have influenced governments and major companies the world over, shows us how to streamline our minds with six thinking hats – a brilliant new method to tackle ANY problem. But as far as me concerned : I did not succeeded. So, he stated : put on a black hat for a critical viewpoint or a yellow one for sunny optimism. A green hat brings a wealth of creative ideas. Try white for neutrality and red for emotion. And then, once you’ve generated a whole range of possible solutions, sort them out….. The results will prove amazingly effective…but I did not succeeded of even finding a hat……
Edward Charles Francis Publius de Bono was born in Malta on 19 May 1933. Educated at St. Edward’s College, Malta he then gained a medical degree from the University of Malta. Following this, he proceeded as a Rhodes Scholar to Christ Church, Oxford, where he gained an MA in psychology and physiology. He represented Oxford in polo and set two canoeing records. He also has a PhD degree in medicine from Trinity College, Cambridge, an honorary DDes (Doctor of Design) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and an honorary LLD from the University of Dundee. De Bono has held faculty appointments at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Harvard. He is a professor at Malta, Pretoria, Central England and Dublin City University. De Bono holds the Da Vinci Professor of Thinking chair at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona, US. He was one of the 27 Ambassadors for the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009.

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  1. Just know that every problem has a hat to fit on;
    only sometimes it takes a bit longer to find a hat that
    suits to your satisfaction.
    Keep on searching and you will succeed! I hope you’ll find a yellow one
    with green, red, white and black spots!

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