” Legendary love ” John Lennon and Yoko Ono by James Woodall (Dutch ISBN 90-389-0714-1)

 Legendary love
Legendary love

John Lennon the filosophical Beatle and his wife Yoko Ono where in the 70’s even better known than Jesus. Yoko Ono was a provocating artist. and had a nickname ” the wich of japan” and was blamed for splitting the Beatles up. This Biography tells the story of there life. John Lennon was murdered on 8 december 1980…..
James Woodall
Author/Journalist, Berlin
James Woodall taught “The British Way of Life” in the MBS course in 2001 again. He attended Christ Church, Oxford, from 1979-82, where he read English. From 1983-4, he taught in London, then lived in Paris for a year. There he wrote his first articles for the British literary magazine, PN Review. From 1986 to 1991, he worked as a full-time editor. Since 1991, being a freelance writer, he has contributed to most of the major British broadsheet newspapers. From 1995-8, he devised and broadcast features for BBC Radios 3 and 4, and for the BBC World Service. James Woodall now lives in Berlin, where he continues to write regularly on the arts for the Financial Times, and has recently published a book on “John Lennon und Yoko Ono – Legendary Love”.

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