Alien Worlds
Alien Worlds

For centuries, human beings have pondered this question. Medieval scholars speculated that other worlds must exist and that some would harbor other forms of life. In our time, advances in science and technology have brought us to the threshold of finding an answer to this timeless question. The recent discovery of numerous planets around stars other than the Sun confirms that our solar system is not unique. Indeed, these “extrasolar planets” appear to be common in our galactic neighborhood. The extrasolar planets we have discovered thus far are giants, like Jupiter and Saturn. They are unlikely to support life as we know it. But some of these planetary systems might also contain smaller, terrestrial planets like Mars and Earth. Over the next 15 years, NASA is embarking on a bold series of missions to find and characterize new worlds. These will be the most sensitive instruments ever built, capable of reaching beyond the bounds of our own solar system. So, the Keck Interferometer will combine the light of the world’s largest optical telescopes, extending our vision to new distances. Using a technique known as interferometry, the Keck will study dust clouds around stars where planets may be forming. It may also provide the first direct images of giant planets outside our solar system. SIM PlanetQuest, scheduled to launch in 2011, will measure the distances and positions of stars with unprecedented accuracy. SIM’s precision will allow us to detect evidence of planets just slightly larger than Earth. Finally, the Terrestrial Planet Finder will build upon the legacy of all that have gone before it. With an imaging power 100 times greater than the Hubble Space Telescope, Terrestrial Planet Finder will send back the first photographs of nearby planetary systems. We will analyze the atmospheres of these distant worlds, looking for carbon dioxide, water and ozone. The substantial presence of all three gasses would suggest that life is present.;-p:
Such a discovery would at last provide convincing evidence that we are not alone.
We will have found another Earth.

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  1. How interesting …!!
    At beautiful summer-evenings, for example when I’m sitting late outside on my balcony, I sometimes wonder what is ‘Out There’…. :bigsurprise_ee:
    So many questions can be asked. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get some answers …. I/m really curious. :question_ee:
    Let’s just hope that modern technology will make huge steps forward in finding some answers. Because it would be a pity if answers came too late for us to experience them during our lifetime, wouldn’t it? :downer_ee:

  2. well mr. marcel, seeing you grinding your teeth so hard, i have this sneaking suspicion that your alien encounter was not a very fascinating one. or was it? :laugh_tb: but seriously, why don’t you share your experience with all of us? what did you see, mr. marcel?

  3. Parvez, well I don’t want to offend anybody, but as you know, sometimes you meet someone and you just KNOW that that person is not coming from earth according to his behaviour. But I’ll promise you in due time I’ll reveal some of it. But as you also know ill doers are ill deemers…

  4. as far as your alien story goes, nothing you say will offend us, mr. marcel. i assure you of this. but as you said, you’d reveal it in times to come…so be it. take your time, mr. marcel. until then, we all will be anxiously waiting. so i’m also going along with gertie: “can’t wait till you start revealing..” cheers, mate!! :thumbup_tb:

  5. Thanks Parvez, for waiting anxiously with me, till our friend the webmaster will reveal his secret …. :smile1_ee: So come on, Marcel, tell us your secret story :tongue_laugh_ee:

  6. well dear gertie, the way i see it… alien or not, mr. marcel surely had an unusual experience which may have surprised him to the extent that he couldn’t define it logically. like, how could we possibly explain those events of extra sensory perceptions such as sixth sense or telepathic abilities? like notradamus who prophecied about future events which ultimately turned out to be true. how could he see future? he didn’t know and neither do we. how come indentical twins sometimes experience same physical or emotional reactions even when they are staying miles apart? telepathy?? well, whatever it is, it defies logic. the world we live in is a very strange place. mother nature has clearly favored us humans with intelligence to logically define the happenings around us. we see and we define. but every now and then we come across things that shock us, amaze us. and you know gertie, there is nothing sweeter than the surpirsed look of her baby to a mother. mother nature is no different. she too loves to see the astonished look of her children – us. so she twists the reality sometimes…and takes pleasure in our bewilderment. she is cute in all her entirety and so are we when we are turely surprised. cheers!

  7. You’re so right, Parvez; some things can’t be explained. They just happen. And why certain things (good or bad) happen to you, and not to someone else, that’s a question people often ask themselves.
    And often there is no answer to that question. You just have to accept that and deal with it.
    And it’s true, mother nature astonishes me often. I’m a lucky girl because I’ve already seen some beautiful places on THIS planet, places I will never forget for the rest of my life. Places that have gained a special place in my heart. And I hope to get the opportunity to see a lot more of this planet in the years to come.
    But in my opinion, any place can be or can become special, if you’re with the right company. Because shared pleasures are always the best :smile1_ee:

  8. there is a man in holland who has pictures of aliens.
    on sundays (20:30) he has his own “show”on television. he sais he has paranormal gifts and also has contact with aliens..
    i dont know what to believe, but i think its kind a interesting 🙂

  9. :laugh_tb: hello essy girl. this is really funny. with such solid evidence in hand, why doesn’t this man contact NASA or ESA? he could save these agencies a lot of effort and money! and by doing so he could be very rich and famous too. oh! some people are just way too much!!! :lol_ee:

  10. well, not everybody believes him, and thats not too weird…
    he can only do it with a digital camera, i havent seen he made “real pictures”
    well i dont know what to believe..
    ive got my own lovely alien 😉

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