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Q: Is there really an ant named after Google?You heard right. It seems that unusual species names aren’t limited to scientists’ favorite rock stars or Star Wars figures—now Internet search engines are in the game. Entomologist Brian Fisher named a new species of ant, Proceratium google, in honor of the mapping program Google Earth. Fisher, who chairs the entomology department at the California Academy of Sciences, was impressed with the support he got from the Google Earth team when he was integrating the online warehouse of ant data, AntWeb, with the search functions of Google Earth. Now scientists can plot ant habitats in three dimensions or search for ant species by location. For the record, P. google lives in Madagascar and feasts exclusively on spider eggs. Get more ant facts at

Are we alone ? John Hodgman – Where are they? Aliens where are you?


  1. Well, while reading this post I was thinking: My boss always says I’m a busy ant. So why not turn that around: Instead of someone calling me an ant, maybe someone somewhere calles an ant after me …
    Because, as I remember well, there are more animals called after me; for example that dog from the post you wrote for me on my birthday, webmaster, so … who knows … maybe a lucky ant will be called after me someday :tongue_wink_ee:

  2. Dear busy Ant, I think you mean that you want an Ant “named” after you, instead of “called” after you. But nevertheless we know what you meant. Well in due time I see Darwin, and I shall ask him if there is a possibility for him to make some minor adaptions to ” The Origin Of Species” so there will be an Ant species named after you…. :laughing_tb:

  3. Surely you’re much better in English than I am, dear webmaster :ohoh_ee: Next time I’ll think first before I write a comment on this weblog :doh_tb:
    But nevertheless …. I would be very grateful to you if you could persuade mr. Darwin himself to NAME an Ant species after me. Knowing how convincing you can be, I am very hopeful that your mission will succeed. Please let me know how this story ends, ok ? :wink_ee:

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