MazalienUnder pressure of some of my friends I have to reveal today what I saw… Or better whom I saw ? So this is how it goes : If you are in your bed, you may see aliens come through the door or even through the walls of your room. Or, you may have been sound asleep and suddenly awakened to see them standing there by your bed. You feel paralyzed. All you can do is watch as these creatures come closer. You are totally paralyzed. Your spouse or friend may be beside you in bed, but you can’t speak or move a muscle to awaken them. They sleep on, unaware. The aliens may speak to you, or you may communicate telepathically. They may touch you or say something to you to calm you as they carry you or “float” you out of the room. You may be led as you walk under your own power out of the door. They transport you to the inside of their craft – usually they ‘beam you up’. Even if we found intelligent life in another part of our galaxy, it would take us hundreds of thousands of years to travel to there….. and picture this : on arrival WE would be the ‘ aliens’…. So, what kind of alien would you be ? Take this simple test and find out…..:

What would you do if an Alien landed in the playground?
Would you stand there shouting, ‘Teacher, teacher!
Please Sir, please Miss,
There’s this great big thing with wobbly eyes and six pink legs Sir!’
Or would you stand still and stare,
And maybe poke at it a bit with sticks
And throw a ball in its mouth,
Or perhaps push Shorty or Fatso or Snotty forwards
To see if they got eaten ?
Imagine if the teacher came out instead, and shouted,
‘Oy! You there! You with the six legs! Yes, YOU!
Get back where you came from NOW!
What do you think it would do ?
Would it sit there, humming,
Before gently lifting off and floating away back into space ?
Or would it stick a long tendril out,
Wrap it around teacher,
And suck teacher back into its mouth?
‘Yum, yum!’ it might go,
And you’d cheer, and all laugh,
And maybe one or two of the girls would cry
Because teacher was really quite nice, after all.
Or perhaps the Alien would open wide a wobbly eye,
Shoot a long, lazy glare,
And then raise two tendrils in a V-shape
Before blowing a big raspberry.
Well, what would YOU do if you were an Alien
Landing in the playground ?
I know what I would do.
I wouldn’t stay THERE!
Mazalien July 2001

And just for fun play the Alien video…. (And I warn you, keep watching till the end!):

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  1. What a little preasure can do, webmaster !!! :tongue_laugh_ee: I like this post !!
    And sure, I sometimes see strange figures in my sleep, looking so real and so close … but unfortunately … they never ‘beamed me up’. Hopefully one night it will happen …. and yes … I would go, that’s for sure … I’m too curious to see what’s out there ..
    And off course I did the test …. and guess what … (it shoudn’t surprise you) … I am an alien type A (probably the one you met in Breda :lol_ee:)
    By the way … I like that alien video. :grin1_ee:

  2. if they frequently come to see you, touch you, try to speak to you, take you out for a walk, even beam you up …and you can feel their presence -that means only one thing. you are one of them! mr. marcel, you are an alien!!
    suddenly i feel this uncontrollable urge to meet you in person! :smile1_tb:

  3. now the question that needs to be asked is – are you a friendly ‘a’ type alien like gertie or the one which i’d prefer to be – a hillibilly scaring, moonshine drinking grey alien? :lol_ee:

  4. The fact that I seem to be a friendly ‘A’type of alien, doesn’t mean that I don’t like to meet with a B,C or D type of alien.
    Maybe we will all get along quite well. So whatever type of alien you are, let’s all come together one day. Wouldn’t that be nice !! :mrgreen_wp:

  5. that would be really nice. but tell you what! you are alright but mr. marcel can’t bring any laser gun or any other alien weapons with him. i suspect, he’s a type ‘b’ alien! :tongue1_tb:

  6. For sure … We will check and double-check his luggage to find out what kind of ‘strange things’ he takes with him …. :devil_tb:

  7. gertie, be very careful…try checking his luggage without his knowledge. otherwise he might sue you in the court of alien law! :laugh_tb:

  8. hi mr. marcel. you must have checked out the ‘qutoes of the day’ on your page today. both of them are superb. specially the one said by henry. well, it might draw some criticism from others but to me…no truer words were ever spoken. but i’m sure, it doesn’t matter to you ‘cos it’s all about humans. and you are an alien. :tongue1_tb:
    thanks to henry, anyway. but part of the thanks goes to you too, for, it was because of you (alien or not) i was able to come across such a wonderful quote. thanks mr. marcel. :smile1_tb:

  9. I promise you, Parvez, I’ll do my checking secretly …. somehow I will succeed without Marcel finding it out :sealed_tb:
    And …. in the worst case of me being ‘caught red-handed’ :guns_tb: … I’ll just have to answer to the court of alien law!
    …… and……. :ponder_tb: maybe that wouldn’t be so bad …. because then I will get the chance to meet with aliens face to face!

  10. Parvez, let me tell you a true story. Since human memory, people call me “MAZA”, the mnemonic of my name. (especially my friends do so). Once, my daughter said to me that I was acting weird and called me an Alien. So, I said, then I must be a “MAZALIEN”. Do you get it? Funny isn’it? (Look also at the Uri of this site, Mazalien). So Parvez, knowing this, what kind of Alien am I, you think?
    Greetings Mazalien

  11. in that case, if you think you’d need a witness, i’ll testify in favor of you. this the least i can do for you as a fellow human being.

  12. esther told me your name’s marcel. then i noticed you using maza as your signature. it seemed quite normal to me ‘cos almost everyone in our country has 2 names…one formal and the other is their nickname. so marcel and maza was quite fine with me. i rationalized it this way…your nickname was mazalien and you just simplified it to maza. but now having heard the real story behind it, i must say, i’m quite intrigued. no it’s not funny…it awesome! if esther thought you were ‘weird’…i’d believe you are cool. you are a cool alien.
    thanks for sharing, mazalien. :smile1_tb:

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