The rikishi are first arbitrarily divided into east and west teams although they do not compete as teams nor is a rikishi from one team necessarily matched against one of the other. Heading the banzuke in large, bold characters are the names of the upper division rikishi, the maku-uchi. The maku-uchi group includes the five top ranks: Yokozuna, Ozeki, Sekiwake, Komusbi, and Maegashira.

Japan – TOKYO (Reuters) – A Bulgarian who has become the first European to rise to sumo’s second-highest rank was lauded as the continent’s best envoy to Japan on Wednesday, but the giant grappler said he was simply doing his job. Kaloyan Stefanov Mahlyanov, 22, known as Kotooshu in the sumo ring, was promoted to “ozeki” status last month, another sign of the dominance of foreigners in the ancient sport at a time when it is suffering from declining popularity. Kotooshu, which means “European harp”, has become something of a sensation in Japan, not only due to his performance in the ring but also because of his good looks, which have earned him the nickname “Beckham of sumo”. The ambassadors from the European Union and Bulgaria visited Kotooshu at the “stable” where he trains and presented him with gifts including French champagne, Bulgarian wine and a “Euro Kitty” mobile phone strap. “Really, I’m very proud (of him),” said Bulgarian ambassador Balagovest Sendov. “I’ve already said to my friends that I’d become ambassador number two because Kotooshu is ambassador number one. He’s even ambassador number one for Europe.” However, Kotooshu, who at 2.04 metres (6 ft 8 in) is the tallest grappler in Japanese professional sumo, said he was just doing his job. “I’m just playing my sport,” Kotooshu told Reuters. “If I’m helping to open the door between Europe and Japan, it makes me feel even better.” Kotooshu has been the subject of numerous TV specials, which have portrayed the 143 kg (315 lb) wrestler as being strong enough to crush an apple with one hand, but also as a shy youngster with a sensitive side.

Sumo Rankings
Sumo Rankings
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  1. sumo has been always a funny game to me with all these players with huge plump round body. but it’s no denying that this game is still extremely popular in japan. and what to say about this wonderfully humble and shy ‘beckham of sumo’! hope, you’d become yokozuna…the grand champion…pretty soon. cheers dude…’n keep up the good work. :smile2_ee:

  2. Well Sumo has a long history and is embedded in the Japanese culture ages ago. And let me tell you Parvez, the Japanese girls are fond of Sumo-wrestlers. So let us both begin to practice otherwise we don’t count for the girls… ! :tongue3_tb:

  3. aha! :tongue_wink_ee: so you have this liking for asian girls!! well, who would blame you! some of them are really cute. :lol_ee:

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