SQUID are not known for their parenting skills. As far as scientists knew, all squid species simply deposited the eggs on the sea floor and left them to develop on their own. Now they have found an exception to this rule. Repre- sentatives of the species Gonatus onyx, a deep – sea squid, have been spotted toting egg masses containing 2,000 to 3,000 eggs. (In the image on the left, the egg mass appears in grey.) They apparently carry them for several months until the mature eggs break away and hatch. The parents also repeatedly extend their arms, flushing water through the eggs, an act that is believed to aerate them. This brooding comes at a price, however: the egg pouch hinders the caretaker’s mobility as the embryos mature, making the parent an easy target for whales, elephant seals and other predators.

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  1. those are eggs!! holy conoly!! they sure look somewhat out of place! :grin1_ee: don’t know if calamari rings are made of this sort of sqids. i love calamari rings. yummmmmmy!!!!

  2. to tell you the truth mr. marcel, i’ve nothing against this gentle little creature but those ‘eggs’ look really really gross! :longface_ee:
    what’s weird, mr. marcel? my likings for calamari ring or the possibility of those eggs being served as breakfast? well, lots of people like calamari rings here…i’m just one of them. going with the flow, mr. marcel. :laughing_tb:

  3. well, i hope that when i am pregnant (over 200 years maybe 😉 ),and when i have to deliver, that there wont come out so many kids!
    and i cant really remember, but i tried calamari rings once, i think i didnt really liked them, but maybe it was cause they were not “fresh”
    however i like fish very veryvery much!

  4. Hihi Esje, just imagine …… carrying so many little girls or boys within you and then …. having to deliver them ….. pffffff …. a hell of a job that will be!!
    But we would welcome them with open arms, that’s for sure!!! :clap_tb:

  5. Well Esje, IF it happens, I’ll take all 20 of them (because they’re yours) ….
    But let me know in time, because I have to find another house first ….. :laugh_tb:

  6. Yeah, 20 baby’s on my new sofa. :rolleyes_tb:
    And before they’re grown up …. I surely have won the big lottery and can move to a huge villa, where every baby (child/teenager) can have his/her own room. No problem. :king_tb:

  7. Zeker weten van niet, opa-in-spé !!!
    Daar ontkom je niet aan, hoor …
    wacht maar tot het uiteindelijk zover is …. dan praat je wel anders :cheese1_ee:

  8. nou pap, ik denk dat je dan wel 2000 keer opa bent 😛
    maar 20 wordne er door gertje geadopteerd 😛
    dus… 1980 kindjes komen er dan nog maar bij jou zeuren 😛

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