So you all know we went to Zakynthos (Greece) in may this year. One of the most dreamy places I have ever been to is Navagio on Zakynthos. Here is the shiwreck resting. The Shipwreck is the most famous of Zante beaches and one of the most famous photographs of Greece. It is situated at the eastern part of the island. The beach took it name from the ship that, in 1983, transported illegally cigarettes and washed up on the beach that has, by the years, grown up around it. The ruins of the ship are on the middle of a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal waters. The beach is surrounded by vertical rock cliffs and that makes an impressive picture.

For more pictures head over to our Zakynthos gallery…..

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  1. Super photos from beautiful places ……. it brings up a real relaxing-holiday-feeling!! :smile2_ee:
    And what I’ve heard from Esther …. it’s also nice in the evening (especially for the younger ones among us…. :smirk1_ee:)
    And it seems you’ve made some nice greek friends, according to the photos in Photo-Gallery of Zakynthos….
    I guess you’ve enjoyed the delicious greek food and drinks many times …… hmmmm
    Someday I will go there too, that’s for sure ….. (and to some other greek islands) :grin1_ee:

  2. omg im only a teenager but look how gorgeous that it … i’m defenatlyy nagging my mum to book our holidiay in greece i would love to go there … iv been researching it and disscovered you need to go on a bout to get there … LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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