If you’ve done a good job of selecting what to take, the task of actually packing it is mostly a straightforward one. Nonetheless, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider… Everyone has their own secret technique when it comes to folding shirts, but in the end, it doesn’t matter what a T-shirt or sweater looks like once it’s sitting in a drawer. The technique you use to fold your garments isn’t so important. Some prefer to fold their sweaters in half before folding the sleeves in; others prefer to start by folding the sleeves and then folding the sweater in half. Either way doesn’t make much of a difference. What is important is that your garment must be flat and wrinkle-free before you start folding it, and the fabric must remain nicely spread out throughout the folding process. By doing so, you’ll keep your garments free of creases and will therefore get to skip out on ironing before wearing them. Where shape is concerned, some prefer to fold their garments in a perfect square while others prefer a rectangular shape. Just keep in mind that a rectangular fold will help you maximize deeper storage spaces while a square fold is more practical for spaces with minimal depth.
If you’re packing a pair of shoes (in addition to those you’re wearing), consider the use of shoe bags: lightweight, inexpensive, drawstring bags designed to keep any residue of Parisian streets away from the rest of your belongings. Shoes are perhaps the most difficult items to pack, given their typical weight, bulk, and awkward shape. Minimize the number you take, and try to wear (rather than pack) the bulkiest pair when reasonable. It is usually best to pack a pair of shoes tightly together, soles out, with the heels at opposite ends. Also, don’t neglect the spaces inside your packed shoes; they’re great for fragile items, or anything else that will fit, for that matter. If you have an extremely compatible travelling partner, you might consider packing half of each person’s things in the other’s bag. That way, in case of a bag being lost (much less likely for the carryon traveller), each of you will still have half of his/her stuff. This method may have the downside of providing something in the way of a disincentive to pack minimally, however! Whether or not you do buddy packing, it should be obvious that when two or more travel together, many of the packing list items (alarm clock, guidebooks, repair supplies, etc.) need not be replicated in multiple bags!

Recent U.S. Transportation Department figures report that the odds are about 1 in 150 that your bag on any given flight will be lost, damaged, or pilfered; this means an average of one or two disappointed passengers on every flight. In less developed countries, the odds get worse. And these problems are escalating. The Air Transport Users Council (AUC), the UK-based consumer watchdog for the airline industry, recently (17 July 2003) reported that baggage problems continue to increase more than any other category. There was a 44 percent increase in written complaints, with mishandled baggage at the top of the list (almost a quarter of the year’s total complaints related to lost luggage). Further, many travellers have rather naΓ―ve ideas about the compensation due them for such mishaps; the AUC’s helpful “Mishandled Baggage” overview offers illuminating reading in this regard.

he photograph above shows 244 locks collected from under an airport baggage handling conveyor belt (where two belts come together), over a one-month period at a single New York airport. Depending on the bag design, the strategic use of duct/gaffer’s tape (to prevent locks from dangling) can reduce the likelihood of this sort of mishap. Finally, remember that you should be concerned not only with the issue of items being removed from your bags, but those being introduced as well. This is of particular concern to international travellers: a number of reported cases have involved the transport of contraband goods in the checked luggage of unsuspecting passengers. There are even cases where people have been imprisoned because of what is claimed to have been articles introduced into their checked bags. Such occurrences are, fortunately, pretty rare. They do happen, though, and it would be foolish not to consider the possibility of their happening to you.

We found in the course of our journey the convenience of having disencumbered ourselves, by laying aside whatever we could spare; for it is not to be imagined without experience, how… a little bulk will hinder, and a little weight will burden; or how often a man that has pleased himself at home with his own resolution, will, in the hour of darkness and fatigue, be content to leave behind him everything but himself.
Samuel Johnson, on packing for travel

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.
Cesare Pavese

The biggest mistakes
… that tourists make? Packing too heavily, relying on outdated guidebooks, not wearing a money belt, leaving home with too many hotel reservations, and taking other people’s opinions too seriously.
Rick Steves, in
International Travel News
March 1998

I try to carry on, so I always take as little as I possibly can…
Jane F. Garvey
14th Administrator of the FAA

On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy.
Spanish proverb

To know what to leave out and what to put in; just where and just how, ah, that is to have been educated in the knowledge of simplicity.
Frank Lloyd Wright

I ain’t takin’ nothin’ that’ll slow down my travelin’…
Johnny Cash


This is a non-commercial post. I’m associated with neither the travel industry, nor any of the references I mentioned, except as disclosed above. I do not sell anything, nor have I any financial incentive to recommend a particular product or company. THIS TRAVELLING TIPS ARE PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS. In plain English … you take this tips as you find it. As far as the law will let me, I guarantee nothing about this post, particularly the information provided in it. I do not guarantee that the information reaches any legal minimum standards of quality, or that it is good enough to be used by you for anything in particular that you want to use it for. You use this post for travelling at your own risk. If you want to sue me, I do not have to pay you damages of any kind. I also do not guarantee anything regarding the sites that I link to, and those sites do not necessarily reflect my opinions, unless I clearly state that they do.
Mazalien, above us only sky….

10.000 ! Tibetan monks


  1. i have no idea what this text says, but i like the little movies.
    some people vincent know claim to know they tried it, and they failed. they say its a lie that you can fauld your clothes like that.
    well, they just cant make the technique true πŸ˜›

  2. grapjas.
    you wish πŸ˜›
    but, i know youll put it on the weblog, and than youll have the most visitors of the year πŸ˜›
    but still..
    you wish πŸ˜›

  3. first video and mr. marcel & esthers comment : :lol_tb:
    2nd video : :bigsurprise_ee:
    baggage mishap : :doh_tb:

  4. well esther ….. why don’t we let Marcel do the trick from the first video … and you film him ………. haha …. if the japanese boy can do the trick, marcel must at least trie to equal him ….. :laugh_tb:
    and if you and I then watch that video with marcel on it …. we neither will see a boat, won’t we Esther …. :lol_tb:

  5. I’ve just tried that folding-technique …… and it works …… I think I will use it when I pack my clothes for China …..
    And because it’s a quick technique …..I guess I will be ready to go tomorrow instead of thursday …. so byebye ……. see you all in Beying on the 14th …. I will pick you up at the airport there ….. :bye_tb: :clap_tb:

  6. I’m a quick learner, Marcel ….. :innocent1_tb: and if you don’t believe me …..I’m willing to allow you to film it to prove it to the world …… :bye_tb:
    (but only if you do the other trick of the 1st video :tongue_wink_ee:)

  7. Gertie, don’t you thinkl Parvez is quiet? I asume he is practising the trick of the Japanese boy the whole eveing in front of the mirror, but would he succeed?

  8. :lol_tb: you’re right mr. marcel. but all attempt seems to be going in vain. perhaps, i am not a quick learner!! :laugh_tb:

  9. Well, Parvez may be quiet, Marcel …. but we are very patient …. so Parvez, keep on trying …… :rolleyes_tb:
    And because we will be gone for a month soon ….. and we’re probably not able to ‘conversate’ with you on te weblog while we are in China, you will have extra time to practise …. so we expect you can show us the result in a week or 5.
    Do we have a deal, Parvez ??? :laugh_tb:

  10. well, that trick alone might taste little bland…how about a little chippendale dance with it, just to spice things up? :lol_tb:

  11. OK, Parvez, we’ve got a deal …… :smile2_ee:
    I suppose Esther and I will be special guests on the first row … while Marcel is filming ???? :lol_tb:

  12. Hey Hey what is going on between you two! Is there someting I am not aware of? Is there something flourishing between you guys? You can tell me, I would not share it with anybody else, my lips are sealed…..

  13. If there is, Marcel, you will be the first to know …. haha
    (ps ………..your lips may be sealed …. :sealed_tb: but what about your fingers on the keybord ?? ) :smirk1_ee:

  14. I’m gonna be FAMOUS !!!!!!!!!!!! The two most romantic and desirable bachelors together taped on video in a very stunnishing clothes-act exclusively on this weblog. Hear Hear Hear !!!!

  15. don’t count yourself lucky, rich or famous yet ……..
    remember ….. Parvez still has to practise …. :lol_tb:

  16. A wonderful friend like you can make anyone a very lucky person and you\’re a very good friend of him, aren\’t you? which riches can surpass a beautiful sense of humor that mr. marcel has got? and don\’t you think mr. marcel is already famous because of his blog? remember his blog attracted 10000 spams in such short time?

  17. yeah, sure Marcel ….. the first show allready was booked out …..
    Now I’m having my second one in a few moments ….. :lol_ee:

  18. I am serious now ; I want to thank you both for this wonderfull evening… I have not in a long time had laughed so much. You two are very beloved to me….. Thanks guys it is good to laugh after a difficult time….

  19. indeed he is famous because of his blog ……
    I wouldn’t miss it for the world…..
    And I guess I’m the lucky one because I’ve met all of you …. :happy_tb:

  20. And guys, do you know what the joke is? I just wanted humly to point out what problems you can get when you have to pack your bags… And look at the discussion above… Splendid.

  21. Well….. indeed ….. I’ve had a lovely ‘chat’ with the both of you too….. Thanks…… I couldn’t wish a better start of my holiday …..
    And when I pack my bags for China….. I will do that with a big smile on my face, remembering this evening….. :bye_tb:

  22. Thanks Parvez ….. I know we will have a wonderful time ….
    I wished it was thursday allready …. and our trip would begin…..
    And I guess you will read about the trip on this weblog after we’re back… and see the photo’s on Marcel’s album-site…..

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