Tibetan Perlgrims at Mount Kailash

Tibetan Perlgrims at Mount Kailash

Because the mask is your face, the face is a mask, so I’m thinking of the face as a mask because of the way I see faces is coming from an African vision of the mask which is the thing that we carry around with us, it is our presentation, it’s our front, it’s our face.

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  1. thank you for the link, mr. marcel. if you’ve got that cd…may i, on behalf of everyone here, request you to upload one more chant/prayer song from that cd? we trust your sweet taste for music. cheers. :smile1_tb:

  2. Parvez, Yes I have this cd, and I am pleased to hand over to you this music. Within a few days I’ll email you a special link where you may want to download it. But don’t tell it to Gertie. Otherwise she wants to have it too…. :smile2_ee:

  3. pssst, please Parvez…. :zip_ee: Marcel will not know if you send me the link….. because I would like to download it to, you know….
    it’s the 1 CD I didn’t buy in Nepal, and Marcel did….. :doh_tb: :hmm1_ee:
    so please….. …..

  4. I agree with you, but mask is also a tool to hide our ugly faces or make our ugly faces look good. Learn the art of reading facial expressions on a face, see people without mask, see people without fashions, see people’s inner beauty – heart!
    i have enjoyed your video, and lots of great posts on this site.
    hope you will visit Nepal this year !
    What is a mask ? A treat for curious eyes.

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