• “I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

Woody Allen

  • “Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed.”

George Bernard Shaw

  • “We can live forever, a minute at a time.”


The Immortality Institute is a nonprofi organization with the mission “to conquer the blight of involuntary death.” The organization hosts an online forum, publishes books, creates films, and sponsors conferences in order to advance life extension research. It is supported by donations and the membership fees it charges, monthly, annually, or through a lifetime membership. It encompasses gathering all information together that could contribute towards avoiding death. This film by the Immortality Institute that explores various aspects of extreme life extension including cryonics (cryogenics), caloric restriction, transhumanism, and other scientific pursuits of extreme life extension. The desire to overcome death is nothing new. The ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ – the first recorded story of human history – accounts on clay tablets a mythical kings quest for immortality. 4000 years later humans are still searching for immortality. With the modernization of haelth care encouraged by biotechnology and computer science, remarkable gains have been made in extending human life spans. A child born today can expect to live more than three times longer than in the time of Gilgamesh. Stemm cells, caloric restriction, cryonics, nanotechnology and transhumanism have become the watchwords of our aera. Perhaps with the accumulation of these accelerating advancements we are indeed on the verge of a complete reversal of the biological aging process – regenerative medicine in our lifetimes. And if so, if we are able to overcome aging and then live forever, what will this mean for religion? What will this mean for governments and social systems, wich relay on a noble and time their death? Perhaps once we have conquered aging, we’ll no longer even wish to stay as vulnerable humans. Perhaps we’ll expedite our progression from immortal beings into cyborgs and then to completely post-human entities. But now there are more pressing questions: What about the environment, oppression by the wealthy over the poor, the problem of overpopulation? What about boredom with a life that stretches out forever and even more harmoneous: What if the universe would end itself in a ‘wimper’, a long expanding heat death into the infinite. If so, what’s the point in trying to live forever anyway? Well, it’s impossible to answer all of these questions within one documentary. We can provide a glimps, a brief snapshot in time from the voices of the visionaries of the forefront. Join us as we take this amazing journey. “Exploring Life Extension”.

The H-Index Che Guevara


  1. stopping the aging process – staying young as long as you live, sounds so cool. but remaining young and living forever! can’t really imagine what possibly could happen. after a while when you’ve seen it all and done it all …then what? you get bored!? imagine dragging your life to eternity with sheer boredom. nah! there must be some way to get out of that…probably some kind of socially acceptable way to end ones life at ones will. you choose and cease to live in your own terms. you die when you feel like to die. that is good…when immortality would be a choice, not an inevitability.
    i really like this quote on immortality: “avoid immortality. but if you’re destined to be immortal, try make it less painful.” i can see the glint of hard truth in it. a beautiful quote, isn’t it?

  2. :laugh_tb: mr. marcel, let me know if you ever find that ‘elixir’ to be able to stay young forever. hope, you’d give me a few drops of that magic potion….for friendships sake! :laugh_tb:

  3. Parvez. Ofcourse you’ll get some. Ill send it over. But dont tell it to Gertie, because you to know , that woman allways want to look younger than they actually are…..

  4. Haha…. I don’t need that elixir…. It’s not the ‘younger look’ that’s important, but how you feel…… and …. I still feel like 20 years ago….. so, Marcel, …. just give the elixer to someone who really needs it :tongue_wink_ee:………… and maybe take some drops yourself…… :cheese1_ee:

  5. gertie, you don’t want it?! you don’t want to actually stay (not ‘look’) young but happy to “feel” young only? :unsure_tb:

  6. well, parvez…. I do think every age has its charme… and even though I think that time flies way too fast… I don’t know if it’s all positive if I would stay young forever… at least, not if all the other people around me that are dear to me (family and friends) would grow older every year (because they didn’t have some drops of the elixer :rolleyes_tb:)…. No, then I just would like to grow older together with them…. (but feel young) :smile1_tb:
    But today…. I heard some sad news on my job about a colleague… :downer_ee: and at that moment i had to think about ‘staying forever young’.
    and at that moment …. well … I did wish I had some wonder-elixer to share with her… that wouldn’t only make her stay young forever, but stay healthy forever too.
    She has been home for a while because she was very tired and short of breath… The medicine she got from the docter didn’t improve how she felt… so she had to have a ‘scan’ in the hospital yesterday… and today she heard that she has longcancer… that cannot be cured or even treated …. and that the life-expectation is only a few months…
    so ….. at those moments I do wish that there would exist an elixer that just can heal people from this terrible illness…..

  7. i’m speechless. i can understand how painful the situation is for her and friends and relatives. my uncle died of stomach cancer and my very precious loving cousin died of brain cancer at his very young age. just a few days before he died, i went to see him…he was unable to speak by that time and couldn’t recognize no one except his mom ‘n dad. i silently sat beside him and to my utter surprise, he suddenly stretched his hand to hold mine. i didn’t know what to do and looked at his mom…she nodded. i held his hand. i was at his age back then and it didn’t stir my mind that much back then. but now, when i look back, believe me gertie, i can still feel the warmth of his feeble weak hand…i can see the longing and love for life in his blank stare at me. i consciously try not to think about him …cos whenever his face dawns before me…it brings back a lot of memories… and it pains a lot!
    you said it right, gertie….there’s no cure. both my uncle and my cousin died without a cure. there is no freakin’ elixir!!!! but you know what! there is miracle. yes…miracles still do happen, dear gertie. it didn’t happen in my cousins case, but i really really hope and pray to god, it will happen to your friend. she’ll be alright…she’ll be cured and live happily rest of her life with her family and friends. my prayers will always be with her.
    thank you for sharing, gertie. may god give you the strength to deal with such tough situations. stay fine…every day and in every way.

  8. Thank you Parvez, for your kind words and wishes…. let’s hope they come true!
    It must have been hard for you that two close relatives died, especially your cousing at such a very young age. I can imagine how you must have felt when you and your dear cousin held hands for the last time…. That feeling will stay in your mind for the rest of your life, I guess. Try to cherish the good feeling about it, the love you saw in his eyes and felt in his hand.

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