Wandering around a few days while autumn is peeking around the corner in the National Park “Hoge Veluwe” you can make realy nice bokeh pictures. Known to few, De Hoge Veluwe National Park is a privately-owned land and an independent Foundation that can use government subsidies to only a limited extent. The Park and its continued existence more or less depend on paying visitors. This page lists the main figures with regard to the Park and its organisation and how the Park continues to abide by the vision of the Kröller-Müller couple. Also strolling in the dutch dunes is a good scenery for making lovely pictures. The Dutch Dunes are an ever-changing landscape full of opportunities. This exceptional ‘no man’s land’ between the flat expanses inland and the North Sea provides a wide variety of experiences that alter from moment to moment – be it tranquil hiking through sheltered inlets as you admire wild flowers and rare wildlife, or the windswept hilltops that offer amazing views out over the coastline. Enjoy a casual stroll, a lengthy hike or even a challenging bike ride across the undulating sands – there are experiences for all ages and desires within these protected landscapes. And on either side of the dunes, you’ll fine luxurious stretches of beach or green forests and peaceful lakes that are perfect for a daytime paddle.

Bokeh effect - Autumn 2018
Bokeh effect – Autumn 2018 National Park “Hoge Veluwe”
Camera Nikon d810 – Nikkor AF-s Micro 105 mm 1:2.8 ED Nano VR
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