Valle de La Luna is one of the main attractions near San Pedro de Atacama. Located in the Salt mountain range is an interesting attraction inside Flamencos reserve. Valle de La Luna is an interesting area of formation of stone and sand. Declared Sanctuary of the Nature it comprises of Los Flamencos National Reserve. Located inside the Salto mountain range Located to 13 kilometers to the west of San Pedro de Atacama. The valley receives this name due to the great similarity of the place to the mole landscapes.

Valle de La Luna - San Pedro de Atacama - Chile
Valle de La Luna – San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

The valley, around ten miles from the town of San Pedro de Atacama, is most popular to visit in the evening thanks to its legendary sunsets. As the sun sets in the west, the uninterrupted vista provides a dramatic display of color in jewel tones from amethyst to rose quartz to carmine. Even though the desert sees nearly no rainfall and no humidity these days, you’ll find many dry lakebeds throughout the imposing landscape.

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