Valle de La Luna is one of the main attractions near San Pedro de Atacama. Located in the Salt mountain range is an interesting attraction inside Flamencos reserve. Valle de La Luna is an interesting area of formation of stone and sand. Declared Sanctuary of the Nature it comprises of Los Flamencos National Reserve. Located inside the Salto mountain range Located to 13 kilometers to the west of San Pedro de Atacama. The valley receives this name due to the great similarity of the place to the mole landscapes.

Valle de La Luna - San Pedro de Atacama - Chile
Valle de La Luna – San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

The valley, around ten miles from the town of San Pedro de Atacama, is most popular to visit in the evening thanks to its legendary sunsets. As the sun sets in the west, the uninterrupted vista provides a dramatic display of color in jewel tones from amethyst to rose quartz to carmine. Even though the desert sees nearly no rainfall and no humidity these days, you’ll find many dry lakebeds throughout the imposing landscape.

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The San Pedro de Atacama fiesta is one of northern Chile’s most important religious festivals and they go all out to make it a party to remember. The festivities start in the days leading up to the 29th and build to a midnight mass in the town’s iconic white adobe church which later gives way to dancing in the square as dawn breaks. This is followed by a spirited procession through the town by participants wearing brightly coloured traditional clothes and carrying the image of Saint Peter. The fusion of Catholic and indigenous traditions is on show in all its glory during this festival, as dances of thanks and praise are also offered to the Pachamama, or Mother Earth.

Festival “San Santiago” – San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

San Pedro is a small oasis town in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. It’s a quirky little place – low-lying adobe buildings line the narrow streets, leading to a sleepy tree-lined plaza that’s home to a pretty white-washed church and a fascinating small museum with some interesting mummies and various other Indian artifacts. Pleasant though the town is, the real attraction here is the phenomenal surrounding landscapes and scenery. Perhaps most well known is the unusual desert landscape of “Moon Valley”, just a short distance outside San Pedro, where other-worldly rock formations, unusual layer-cake landscapes and huge dunes combine to create some incredible views. The sunsets here can be amazing, the changing light turning the stone and sand a kaleidoscope of different colours, so the end of the day is definitely the best time of day to visit. There are a whole host of other activities on offer here, from star-gazing and visiting the Atacama salt flats, to horse-riding and mountain-biking in the surrounding countryside. The town itself is also a pleasant place just to kick-back and relax, with some good bars and restaurants thanks to the developing tourist-trade.

Chile has many different adventures to offer tourists: stargazing in the driest desert in the world, millennial glaciers in the southernmost part of the planet, enchanted forests, and lakes located at the foot of massive volcanoes. It has islands full of legends, winemaking traditions, great challenges to be overcome, and the modern and accessible city of Santiago. But, there is something about Chile that has not yet been said. Chile has wide-open natural landscapes, but you can also find this openness in the Chilean people. The feeling of being alive floods over you in these wide-open spaces in Chile. Here you can get in touch with nature or set out to explore pristine areas. The people of Chile will also pleasantly surprise you with their kindness and hospitality. This will be a completely new experience in a place where you will feel at peace.

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