Varanasi - India

Varanasi – India

Moving through a vast and inspiring landscape, Eternal Now – Into the Heart of India travels over 2500 miles, from the snows of the Himalayas to India’s southern tip, to visit 16 legendary places of transformation. A western seeker’s voyage into India’s ancient spiritual traditions, this film is a journey to touch the eternal. In America alone, over 50 million people practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness. These practices, with their origins in India, may bring one fully into the present moment to quiet the mind and open the heart. Eternal Now – Into the Heart of India returns to their source to better understand the spiritual relevance of these practices. The eternal is the interconnection of all things seen and unseen, transcending space & time. Like other spiritual paths, Indian traditions say the eternal is within everyone. Eternal Now explores India’s thriving pilgrimage culture, searching for what it means to be a true human being in the 21st century. This immersive, “you-are-there” experience aspires to connect these universal understandings with modern life.


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Karunesh – A Journey To India

Amrit - nectar of immortality
Amrit – nectar of immortality

«Amrit Nectar of Immortality» is a documentary which was shot at the time of the biggest pilgrim’s festival of the world – the Kumbh Mela – in Haridwar (north India). The film tells the stories of people and their connection with the holy river Ganges. Pilgrims, ascetics, yogis, western emigrants, scientists and environment activists report from their life on the holy river, their belief, the future of the Ganga and the importance of Amrit – the nectar of immortality. But what is Amrit? Is it a mysterious drank? The holy water of Ganges? Or rather an inner way to the immortality of the soul? The film is a journey in search of answers to these questions, a journey in a strange world, in search of the nectar of immortality. «He who dwells in the water, and within the water, whom the water does not know, whose body the water is, and who rules the water within, he is your Self (Soul), the ruler within you, the Amrita (the immortal).»