Globetrekker - Ian Wright in India
Globetrekker – Ian Wright in India
It’s back! At 2100 UK/CET Sunday September 10th Travel Channel is premiering a brand new series of its hit travelogue GLOBETREKKER. This off beat series is known as much for its colourful cast of presenters as its stunning locations around the world.. Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Megan McCormick, Jonathan Atherton and the GLOBETREKKER team set off on another round of adventures, taking in places as diverse as Northern Ireland, South Carolina, Mauritius, New Zealand and subjects as varied as Malaysian arm wrestling, British Food, Venetian Gondolas, and Viking festivals. It all kicks off at 2100 UK/CET Sunday 10th September and to mark the occasion they are giving away 20 DVDs of PILOT GUIDES, the last fantastic series from the makers of GLOBETREKKER, as well as 30 CDs of the series’ magical music. Their giveaway is on a first come first serve basis so you wil have fill in the form on this site and you could be whisked away to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations courtesy of GLOBETREKKER and the Travel Channel
Globe Trekker England and Wales – Sunday, 10th September
Globe Trekker Mid West USA – Sunday, 17th September
Globe Trekker Venice City Guide – Sunday, 24th September

Ian Wright
Ian Wright
Ian Wright (born May 17, 1965, Suffolk, England) is a host of Pilot Productions’ travel/adventure television series Globe Trekker (originally broadcast as Lonely Planet in the United States). He also hosted the short-lived program Ian Wright Live, a show filmed before a live audience and featured discussions on various travel topics. A seasoned international traveller, Wright is perhaps the most recognizable host of Globe Trekker. He is known for his witty banter and amusing interactions with locals. For the past 7 years, he has hosted over 50 episodes of the program, including more extreme locations like Arctic Canada, Nepal, and Outback Australia. To date, Wright has won three U.S. Cable Ace Awards for Best Magazine Host. Wright now also stars in the cable channel Discovery Travel & Living show VIP Weekends with Ian Wright. Before appearing on television, Wright spent three months in Guyana as part of a Prince’s Trust initiative called Operation Raleigh. He also had extensive travel experience in Egypt, India, and Romania. Wright is also an accomplished painter, who had an exhibition of his work displayed at Chats Palace. He has also played an active role in several after-school programs for children. He currently lives in East London with his wife and family. To relax, Ian enjoys playing football, eating out, and going for walks in the English countryside.
Source : Travel Channel.

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